Rolling Stones cancels 2019-Tour upon Mick Jagger’s health condition

Rolling Stones, the Band that originated in the 1960’s represented a symbol of rebellion, strength and vitality. None gave it a thought or even a slightest chance back then if this group would go on to be the most admired genre of its kind, with having around 1.5 million, fan following even today.

But, Mick Jagger did it all. His voice, his charm, his machismo show downs all correlated to the success that the band is enjoying even today.

We were informed that the Rolling Stones had expressed their inability to tour USA and Canada, owning to the ill health of Mr. Mick Jagger.

Mick Jagger, acting in all responsibility had in fact expressed his personal anguish at this predicament, on his twitter page, apologizing to all of his fans around the world.

To this, most of Mr. Mick Jagger’s fans response was, “we all know how Mick Jagger gives his 100% on stage and if due to his health conditions, Mick wishes some time off, its perfectly fine and well”. We love you, Mick

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