5 Reasons why you should buy HUAWEI Mate 30 over iPHONE XS

You are product of your choices. You may not realize the impact the choice that you made last December will have 5 or 10 or even 20 years down the line. Why? that is how life is defined. You are the Captain of your ship and the mastery of your destiny.

Now, if you were to ask, will merely choosing a Phone impact one’s future? The answer would be, Oh! Yes, very much, and even has the ability to direct your way to success.

There are a few things you need to consider while making the choice, when it comes to your Phone. Foremost the Memory that the phone comes in with.

Importance of having a Phone with a good Memory

You need to be able to capture all the moments of life in the form of Photographs. Pictures speak a thousand words.

Just look at the photos that belonged to a few generation ago. Does it not stimulate your thinking to the greatest extremities of pleasure and visualization? And how many of such pictures have we got now? Very few. Why? because there wasn’t the technology nor the vision available then.

But now, we have some of the marvels of Technology. You can record every moment of your life, event and vocation.

As the saying goes, 20 dollars and 20 years may look too big a money for a child and too long a time for a young man/woman. But in no time, the flowers of youth flies away and just the other day you were arguing with your mother about the choices you have and now you are there sitting on an isolated bench in a park thinking about those golden moments that God once offered you to enjoy.

Isn’t that painful that you had it all with you yet still you did not capitalize on the moments? Don’t let that happen to you.

Buy always the Phone which offers you the Most Memory

This is not rocket science. This is in your instinct. You will always visit that store or supermarket which offers you value for money. That would mean more mileage for your dollar; after all you have burned your ass off, bent your spine off and waned your vision off, all to make ends meet. Then, why not look for the stores and shops that would facilitate and provide more value.

Then, why not look for the stores and shops that would facilitate and provide more value.

Memory comparison iPHONE XS and HUAWEI Mate 30

Do you know the importance of Cores?

Just imagine you are running a small business and you have 4 staff working for you. Suddenly you realize that the tender that you had quoted 12 months ago to a Multinational organization had received a response email and that they are asking if you would resubmit the file with the quote again.

You know for sure with calls such as these there is a very high probability for the Tender being granted in your favor once the clients are happy with the submitted details.

You also know that any discrepancies will invite a summary disqualification on the grounds of fraudulent inconsistency in work ethic.

You need to excise extreme caution for two reasons, getting the Tender will ensure a smooth sailing of your Company for that fiscal year, secondly, this would mean your Company’s reputation would be cemented and which would in turn assure you a continuous flow of high level Tenders.

You call your Staff and explain the situation, the first one says, yes boss and then turns up an hour later with an excuse, that the information requested is already a year old and the computer is so crowded that he is unable to locate the file required.

The second one returns after 3 hours to say that she is still searching. While the fourth one takes off for the afternoon and leaves, citing that the boss has put too much load on his mental cognition and that he is no longer in the capacity to take the load.

Dejected and disappointed you reach out to the desk of the third and in silent voice, you ask, what is your “Status?. The reply from the third one comes out with the burst, Hey, Boss!, all is ready, status-confirmed with affirmative request response. Here is your Tender file.

Now tell us what would your reaction be? we are sure you would feel as though you had just been fished out of the Niagara falls, which appeared as if the end both to your company and yourself.

The staff gets promoted with lots of rewards for the service that was swift and efficient.

That is how important a Processor is, the more the better. If you have the right Processor in your arsenal, there is no talking on some of the things that you could achieve.

For most of the system works, you processor will put you way beyond the reach of your competitors, for files and data storage you will have everything retrieved systematically in a twinkle of an eye.

You will be able to perform, not one, not two, but multi levels of tasks, all at the same moment.

Comparison of Cores between iPHONE XS and HUAWEI Mate 30

The importance of have a phone with good battery capabilities

Do not underestimate the importance of buying a phone with a good battery power features. Remember, your phone will be no more than a brick lying on the wayside if it were not for the Battery that powers it on.

The longer the Battery life the better the phone. You may argue that you could always go for a Power Bank to support your needs, hey! Do you think it to be wise to carry another gadget to facilitate the use of one?

Do you think it is a wise idea when you could always have the choice to select the phone which provides you all the power you need? Think about this way, we are living in a world where everything costs money and money has become an expensive affair that controls everything of the world we live in today.

Plus, money doesn’t come easy, everyone on this planet called earth ought to sweat the stuff out, so wouldn’t it be a wise idea to make informed and productive choices about the things we buy and simultaneously reduce the cost associated with the product.

Remember, money saved is money in your pocket and that would mean a whole lot of a different ball game towards the end of the month, when reservoirs are down to minimum levels.

Comparison of Battery features between iPHONE XS and HUAWEI Mate 30

Battery Capacity can make or break your career

You badly need a job change. You have sent in your application for a job and the personnel manager has called on you telling you that the hiring manger has arranged an telephonic interview with a panel of members for 8 pm tonight and had asked you to be ready.

You know this is a very important call that you had been waiting for weeks and a job here would launch your career for good somewhere in Cloud 7.

You also know you need some final preparation to smooth tune the rough edges. It is 3 pm, and you start right away, brushing though some of the vital questions that standard interviews ask for and then those technical ones which clearly will test your effectiveness for the job, then are those questions that would determine your work culture and your suitability to work with an international team.

All of these would now require meticulous revisions and focused concentration. For the next 4 hours you stay glued and immersed with your materials.

Then the time hits 7 pm, you need to freshen up, you switch your coffee vending machine on, you brew a fresh mug, sit on your couch thinking and sipping the hot java.

Then, comes the all important call.

Mr. David, this is the HR manager, good evening sir, hope you are doing well, we wish to start off right away. Are you ready? you wish them all and say, yes!

After the initial formalities, the ball starts rolling with some formal questions then the panel gradually scale up to personality questions and then the all important technical question arrives.

The Project manager has the baton. She will have to ascertain your suitability for the job, though most of the panel members are happy with you, now comes the vital part of the whole process.

The Project manager poses you a question, Mr. David, if I were to give you 9 circles, with 3 on each row and all being connected together and if you were to choose the minimum number of colors to color each of these circles so as, no two connected circles have the same color and no color is used more than once and the circles along the diagonals all have unique colors.

Now tell us how many colors would you chose and why would you chose these colors?

The question is a standard question requiring some logic to answer but for sure you need to provide an answer that is logical right as well is impressive to win the place.

You ponder now and think, suddenly a beep from nowhere starts to occur, your phone’s charge is almost down, it just did not cross your mind that the last time you had your phone charged was 6 days back and with so much to do, though you did hook your phone periodically on alternate days which were only sufficient to move you through the chores of the activities for the day, but never did you hook your phone onto a full-fledged charge routine.

You cannot be blamed for this. You mind was preoccupied with so much pressure at your back breaking job that you hardly found this time to apply for the escape route.

Yet still, you damn yourself; you wish in all the earth that the charge would just draw you past the finish line.

Then reality strikes, your hope to complete the interview comes down like the house of cards. Your phone is dead. Your run insane, you search for the charger, now you are thinking where did you last place your charger, valuable time is being lost, you finally get a hold of your charge and hook the phone on, then you start to redial, but you see, most of the times Interviews for these top organization are scheduled meticulously and it is not all that easy to get the connection back.

The moral, always go for  phones that give you more Power storage.

Comparison of Battery life in days between iPHONE XS and HUAWEI Mate 30

 Understanding RAM

Life is held in the breadth that you take through your Nostrils and hold in your lungs. There were times in History, when Lungs were considered the Fountain of Youth.

In fact there is a lot of truth in this, however we shall reserve the Health related discussion to a different category.

Coming to the point, do you know the last few meters in a race be it swimming or running would all depend on the athlete’s ability to hold his or her breadth and push the body over the line?

Believe it or not, the breath that you hold in your lung is so powerful that it can bench press or squat weights unimaginable to the human mind.

So how does this explain RAM?

Now for a phone/computer to function it ultimately boils down to the Data that is required for that instant for an operation to successfully achieve its completion.

Imagine you are searching for that all important File which you had stored months or years ago, all that is important to you for the instant is this Request.

You want the file back and that is even more important than the countless selfies that you had taken over the years. Your device might have a larger memory base but your RAM should have the capacity to load all that is necessary for you to view/access/ append/edit that large file.

In other words it is like hitting the finish line. It does not matter whether you had run those 23 miles consistently at 9 miles an hour, but what matters would be you finishing the race strongly. That would mean it all boils down to that last held breath that enables you reach the destination.

Another example would be playing a Game or a viewing a Movie. The RAM on your phone or on your Computer should bring and hold all the related and required files that would be necessary for the Action to be completed. In this case, it may be playing a game of viewing a movie.

The more the RAM, the better you have the capabilities to do complex functions, not only that, a better RAM would allow Multitasking with easy.

Better RAM means more Time you have to do other things : Yes, time is the single most Priceless and Precious commodity that we all have. It is imperative to understand all of us have just have a certain amount of limited time in our Lockers.

You may or may not know this truth, but the sooner you learn and understand this truth,  the better you will prioritize your tasks and set goals to achieve them. In other words, as the saying goes, if you don’t plant in the Spring you will go beg in the Winter.

That being said, Multitasking is such a boon that should be capitalized on and a phone which allows us this should be the phone that we should buy.

In other words, an hour saved here and there could very well mean the splitting difference between winning and losing, between success and failure. As another proverbial saying goes, “he who doesn’t know the value of an hour, hasn’t lived his life well”.

RAM comparisson between iPHONE XS and HUAWEI Mate 30

Though there 15 other differences that we could mention, but in the interest of Time, Effort, Manpower, Research and Money involved in creating this post, we restrict the differences to mere 4 which are very critical for the functioning of an ideal phone.

The Price Factor and Financial Independence

With growing economic strain world over, it becomes necessary that we limit our expenditures to acceptable means. Having said that, price will be the deciding factor. Thus the more a product is priced competitively; the better will be its reach.

On a different note, one secret to Financial Independence as   Research points out would be to cut a few dollars on every goods purchased for the month and then go on to repeat this cycle continuously before it would just be a matter of time that the person performing these actions would be financial independent.

According Financial intelligence advocates, it is not the money earned but the art of money managing that enables people achieve financially independent.

There are innumerable cases where people had earned millions and within the next 5 years had everything taken away from them because of their inability to manage money.

Examples would be lead athletes, take the case of the great boxing star, Mike Tyson. It was reported that Mike’s career earnings were around 400 million, and today, Mike Tyson has nothing left-according to received reports.

So the take home moral should be never spend more on anything specially if you are seeking for Financial independence.

Also. given the availability of product features, the general reasoning of the mind would always prefer the combo of all specifications that guarantees the best value for the dollar spent.


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