Why Dubai Is A Sh*t Of The 21st Century?

If you are a health and hygiene person with a sensitive nose then don’t visit Dubai

Of course you would have seen Dubai being hailed and adorned as the jewel of the middle east and a land where every person even if he is a pauper whilst his entry eventually becomes an Emirati  within a month. And to top this all up, you have these movies specially those from the Bollywood ones trumpeting the country has the haven for luxury, mouthwatering cuisine and exotic spas.

Well, let us tell you the truth, Dubai, stinks. Yes, you heard it correct, stinks, because Dubai has no effective system to handle its inhabitants sewage waste. Meaning,  a slightest downpour would clog the drains, and the next thing you would experience is the engulfment of stink emanating from  human waste ambushing you from every corner.

And the worse of it all, when you thought the filthy smell has subsided, then comes the fatal shock that even your foods in the kitchen carries traces of human feces. Of course it is hard to believe, for no inhabitant or even the expats who claim to be enjoying their lives there would even dare to delve in these details. Of course it is understandable, for who would want the whole world to know that their food comes in with an additional coating called feces without any extra cost.

Burj Khalifa stores mounds of p**p


You all have heard of this structure being touted as the tallest erected monument in the world. This structure was built because the Emiratis didn’t know where to pump in their petro dollars and of course they also knew that their reliance on oil alone to drive their economy would soon leave them penniless.

You see, to stay on the top one needs multiple sources of revenues, for given the time and the volatility of the world we are living in now there is not much that separates the rich and the pauper.

So the Emirati thought to themselves that it would be a great idea to lure the tourists in through a structure made out of steel and glass and call it the tallest tourist attraction and then scribble some meaningless poems on it. For according to the emiratis, the world is filled with dumb people, and they may have a point in their case. For who would be willingly burn their coffers to stay in a pile of sh*t.

What we are trying to tell you here is that the most fanciest structure and often hailed as the 13th wonder of the world has no sewage system to handle human waste.

Meaning when you thought you had flushed the sh*t out and that your suite is cozy and sweet smelling, little did you know that not only are you sharing your room with your sh*t but with other guests’ souvenirs who had stayed before you.

Meaning, owing to the lack of sewage handling system in the Burj Khalifa, the human waste is moved aside to be housed in containers somewhere adjoining your suite, similar to one that houses the water that you use to flush toilets. Just that there is really no flushing but mere moving to an area where you cannot see. However if you have sensitive nose, it would pick the ambiance up.

So How They Remove The Human Waste From Burj Khalifa

Now to the question:How exactly the human wastes is removed from the building. Well, if you aren’t wide eyed tourist, and that you would were to wait at the ground floor of the rear building, then you would see scores of trucks emptying the feces from the building on to their trucks and then moving to an undisclosed location where the filth is emptied into the ocean.

Yes we know it is gruesome and horrendous and now you know the cause for the strange smell that embraced you on your evening walks and also whilst you drove past those trucks thinking that they were merely transporting goods. So, Now you know the real plight of the people’s lives there. Seriously, how pretentious and deceptive can these people get? Who have no concern for either their people’s health nor for the health of the unsuspecting Tourists.

Palm jumeirah: epitome of Dubai’s lack in architectural knowledge.

Just when you thought that Dubai to be the jewel of the middle east, a land filled with architectural marvels and engineering, here comes the bolt from the sky. We state the following facts to enlighten you on Dubai’s complete lack of knowledge in architectural engineering.

The standing example is Palm Jumeirah. Dubai wanted something in the likes of Palm beach, USA. So they thought, what better way to do that than to imitate and carbon copy the same. This they did even without consulting with the creators of the original palm beach, and yet they have the audacity to boast to the world on their creativity.

Now coming to the Palm Jumeirah, the construction started in the year 2001, but do you know as of 2020, according to Google satellite images, Palm Jumeirah is still under construction. Meaning, the Emirates just do not know how to complete it?

A closer look at the Palm Jumeirah would reveal to you that the stem is an 8 lane freeway and the leaves are individual suburban streets. And what is alarming is the fact that there is no way people living on the leaves can hit the freeway. Yes, you heard it correct, since there aren’t any points where the public from these areas could get access to the transport systems.

Now what is even more idiosyncratic is the fact, that Dubai has initiated the construction of two other Palm islands, truly hard to believe and unimaginable as to how deep idiosyncrasies run among the Dubaians. Of course we are mentioning this not out of contempt but out of care and concern to prevent further follies. Don’t believe us? Then just take a glance at the aerial view of these Palm islands. You would be shocked to see that the pictures reveal islands of some apocalyptic distortions.

How Dubai killed the marine life in the region

When cultural shows involving cattle were organized in Tamil Nadu, PETA[ people for ethical treatment of animals] moved the court to ban these cultural events there by totally insulting and humiliating the culture of an ethnic minority and also with a devious intent to annihilate these minorities and their traditions.

But here, Dubai, under the name of building luxurious apartments, destroyed the Coral reefs and annihilated millions of marine and oceanic animal lives, and yet PETA and its shoe shines did nothing and let the destruction go on, while reports suggest that they might be hand in glove with the destruction carried out.

How did Dubai carried this act of Marine life destruction:     You would remember when we were talking about Dubai’s architectural failures with the Palm islands, guess what? Do you’ll know where did the sand come for these vast expanses of building. Of course not from the dessert, for the sand there has larger grains and has no use other than to blind eyes.

Dubai stole the sand from the Ocean beds. Yes, that is correct, Dubai used big tanker ships to suck the sand from ocean beds, thereby killing and destroying the coral beds and the marine life which were necessary for maintaining the Temperature of Oceans across world.

So now you know how wretched Dubai is, in fact, one of the vital causes for rising ocean temperatures is the destruction of Coral reefs and marine lives by Dubai. However, the main stream medias won’t say a word, for all know that they are sold out. For the simple fact that when Climates across the world are bringing about unprecedented rainfall and flooding, main stream medias, knowing very well the cause being the destruction of vast areas of Coral reefs, yet choose to remain mute. So now you know how far petro dollars can reach?

Dubai, the epitome of foolishness

How foolish can you get: in spite of one having all the money in the world yet Dubai’s foolishness got the better out of it. Meaning, what it thought would be the world’s wonder is now the single most reason that is causing Dubai to sink into its own grave.

The Universal truth being that having money doesn’t always make one intelligent and wise. For the simple fact that there are always two ways in achieving any objective. The intelligent way and the Dumber way. If one adopts the intelligent way, it would not only serve their purpose but the work would stand to leave a legacy.

The same Palm islands that Dubai constructed would have stood to talk of its marvels if it had been built in the dessert instead on the ocean. But as the saying goes, “every fool learns the harder way”.

Dubai, a country built on blood

Well to those of you’ll who have heard nothing but only lies about Dubai, we are about to disclose some truth for which Dubai is truly known for. Dubai is a slave state and more so encourages its inhabitants to freely practice this.

In fact it would be unfair to say that Dubai hires people from lesser developed countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam, but rather fair to say that Dubai thrives on human trafficking of innocents. All under the acre of promises of affluent jobs and then extracting every remaining drop of blood.

This is how it works, Dubai has agents in countries mentioned above and these wild dogs prey on the young, the helpless who are looking for employments to help their ailing families out. Generally these agents spew their promises for high paying jobs if only these poor people would come up with 3000usd to meet the incidental expenses of settling in Dubai.

You see, when a man or a woman is already pushed to the corner by social and economic conditions and are desperate for that ray of kindness and hope, are always bound to fall for these snares. So these poor people sell everything with the hope of a promising future only to have their passports snatched from them the minute they set foot in Dubai.

They are lodged in small rooms and most times the room would house other innocent poor people numbering around 30 to 40. Imagine, there is just one toilet to share for 40 odd people and a bunk called bed to sleep.

Occasionally they are given a morning tea and one meal at times, however this is not promised. These migrants are forced to work 12-18 hours a day, either in construction industries or other service related industries. Most too often, they are not even permitted to speak their families, they are prohibited from having cell phones and experience cruelty and hardship at the hand of their employers.

Yet Dubai actively encourages this, all for free labor and yet taunts about the luxury it offers to the oligarchies. So now you know how Dubai takes advantage of the poor and the helpless, convincing them of a great life merely with deceit and treachery, sucking their blood out until they drop dead.

It has been reported that there are 115 deaths per month of individuals from a single country alone, all happening in service related industries in Dubai. But nobody talks and the mainstream media does nothing to bring this to light, yet had there been a BLM placard movement to stop the emergency services on Monday, or even a Gay-Lesbian parade stirring up against COVID regulation, then swoosh goes the mainstream media, printing and painting and news casting, as if innocents were ravaged and rights seized.

On the contrary scores are hijacked and enslaved. human rights are violated, yet nothing is seen but the glorification of the marvels of Dubai. This is what double standard really is.

So, next time you see a product coming from Dubai, or wonder in amazement at the those luxury, those star hotels, those golf courses, and those opulence, just remember, they are all strained in blood from migrant workers. But, seriously how greedy can these Emirates get?

Post Submitted by:Hassan Jabbar. A freelance human rights activists.
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