Sanya-Exotic Place to visit

Are you thinking of enjoying this summer in an Exotic place that gives you, Sun, Sea, Sand and many more? Then our pick for you would be Sanya.

The Prelude

Sanya Haitang Bay is very quiet filled with serenity and tranquility. The place abounds with newly built hotels with touch of luxury and marvel all set in a comfortable and ambient environment.

All of the expectations to suit a holiday maker will be met at the Sanya Haitang Bay. Although the beach gravel is thick, it is very clean and there are not many people.

During the five days of our stay, we danced, we swam, we dined and we played, we did not consider going to the city at all. It was all fun to just shuttle between the hotels and relax at the beach.

In addition, nearby duty-free shops provided the right setting to shop for the local and traditional choicest foods and souvenirs, of course with good and better deals.

The Landing

After taking plane to reach Sanya, we hopped in a taxi ride, which took us directly to the hotel, the travel time was about a 40 minutes drive, with chill but soothing sea breeze blowing through the wind screen.

The hotel we chose was the Haitang Bay mangroves. The room was a Sea view room, with rates on high floors ranging from and around 1000 RMB [around $140] a night, which in all standards is considered to be in budgetary means given the levels of comfort and joy we experienced.

The bedroom is quite standard, but we had a bathtub on the balcony, which was really romantic and enhanced the room a lot, also the well-designed bathroom and the spacious Nordic-style dressing room were all amazingly scintillating. The room overlooks the sea view and provided us with flamboyant luxury of enjoying the sunrise and sunset, yes, all together.

This place is just exotically ambient with touches of majestic glows lapping around all geared to please, entice and amaze you with Flavors of richness mixed together with Spice, Spa and Pampering, all designed to immerse you in a sea of Pleasures.

The Sea, Sun and Sand

You will love the Sea there. Studies have shown that the most healthiest of all activities would be to take a morning walk along the shores of a mildly inviting Sea. The Sea is the life enhancer and is adorned and treasured by all. The Sea is so mild and soft, a mere look at it will ease you out from the toils of the day and the troubles that lie ahead. After all, everybody deserves a break, a break that would reveal to us our inner self enabling us to connect with that mild voice.

The Mangrove Tree Hotel and Resort

This is a 7 star Hotel, Hey! just wait. Don’t be alarmed with its prices. A cozy suite would only cost you around $100, plus a fantastic Buffet break fast that would be equalize the money you paid. The Buffet starts at 7am and lasts all the way up until 11am. So you can enjoy all that you want and then head off to the pool to Chill and Relax.

The Pools every where

After the Break fast, its Pool time. The Mangrove Tree Hotel and Resort is flooded with Swimming pools, the Beach pool, Kids pool, Couple’s Pool, Active Pool, Passive Pool, Waterfall Pool.

The Farm walk with some wine to enhance the Moods

The Mangrove Tree hotel and Resort, has a nicely built farm too. After the chills and thrills at the Pool, it was time to take a soothing walk in the farm. The farm houses, parrots, ganders, turtles, rabbits, fowls and duck. A perfect spot for two to lay back on coconut string hammocks and relax with a glass of passion inducing wine.

Afternoon Tea at Crowne Plaza

Yes, we know, it was a high tea and we enjoyed every bit of it. The cakes were so soft that they almost melted in your mouth. The exquisite arrangement and the aroma, all added to a sumptuous evening of indulgence.

Mango fusion

This treat is for the women of substance. However, men too will fall for it. Nicely designed as well as fused to incorporate the delightful Natural touch with human creative mind.

Time for the Evening Walk

We needed this. After the High tea, a walk was imperative to prepare us for the Extensive dinner we had on our Agenda. The Mangrove Tree Hotel and Resort, has a well kept elegant garden, with beautiful flowers laden all through the walk way.

If you are a Nature Person and a lover of beauty, you will like the walk. The lawns are well kept and watered to perfection to emanate the fragrance of Wind, Water, Fragrance and Sea breeze, all of which transporting you to a world called Natural.

The Dinner Time

The Mangrove Tree Hotel and Resort, has two huge restaurants. We thought we would try some spicy foods, to get the blood flowing and so we headed to the one which served food real hot steaming hot and spicy too. Yes, you guessed it right. We did go to the Thai restaurant, gathering inspiration from Mark Weins.

The Night Look of The Mangrove Tree Hotel and Resort

Just when you thought its time to head straight to bed, the high energy technological fused panoramic view jumps right in front of you, and tells you, “The Night is still young, come, immerse in me”. There you go. The good times are just getting started.

Reasons why you should choose, Sanya and stay at the Mangrove Tree Hotel and Resort


The top reason would be Security. Specially given the turbulent times we are living in where Security of our loved ones occupies our top priority.

Why would anyone spend their hard earned money and head to a place with family and friends, just to get mugged, robbed, brutally stabbed or even loose one’s lives.

In all honesty, no sensible thinking person would ever want that type of a Vacation.

We want to be free and left unharmed and unbothered, you will get all that you want, plus the Privacy, plus the Safety, plus the ambiance that you need and crave for, all at the Mangrove Tree hotel and Resort.

What more, you will Return Safely to the Country of your Origin, to reminiscence the times that you spent at Sanya, living at the Mangrove Tree Hotel and Resort.


This is critical too. I must be able to enjoy myself with my family without an element of concern that when I head back, I have a huge load on my Credit card repayment.

Believe me, this concern literally kills the fun in the Holiday. A decent Suite at the Mangrove Tree Hotel and Resort, just costs around $ 100, with a buffet breakfast. Plus, I have a ton of options when it comes to selecting a Carrier from any of China Cities.

No Tipping at the Mangrove Tree Hotel

This is really fabulous and a note worthy point. On one of those vacations, I was almost yelled at by a waitress for awarding a moderate tip. Actually, being a tourist, I had a severe cash crunch. You see, I just mentioned to you about the Credit Card repayment. My card was declined and I was anticipating a quick action from the concerned bank. But the Bank wouldn’t reply me on time, for they required this third party solicitor to report on the process of reopening my Card, given that I am stranded.

Now, I got to eat, here I am scrambling for every cent that I can lay my hands on to keep my tummy from grumbling and the last thing I ever anticipated was this huge shout and brawl from an irate waitress. The experience was so embarrassing that I vouched never to travel to that City again.

Good HouseKeeping

Being frequent travelers one thing we are very particular about is House Keeping. You are stepping out and you put the lights on for Housekeeping request, anticipating that when you return, you have a clean and tidy bed waiting for you.

But in many hotels, even those which claim to be on the most developed end of the service industry do not fair well in this area. You will be alarmed to learn that, right when you wanted your room upon your return, the House keeping will honk on the Bell, shouting out, “House Keeping”. What would you do? Yes!, that is right, we to did the same.

We never experienced that at The Mangrove Tree Hotel and Resort. The moment we placed the request, the Housekeeping attended to the Request. The Cleaning was good at every instant. More so, fresh Towels and Toiletries were provided in liberal supplies.

The Mangrove Tree Hotel is Well Connected

You can head to any part of the City, 24 hours and return Safely. You need a Limo, you got it, all you need to do is just spell your requirements and they will get it for you. Also, the Island has countless joy rides and water sports that adventure seekers would love to indulge.

The Exotic Chinese Massage will reinvigorate you

Chinese Medicine have stood the test of time. The Massage providers are skilled Artisans who will work on your body so elegantly that when they are done, you would feel as if you had become 10 years younger.

The Bloods starts to pump and the parts of the body which had issues and pains will all be gone. Plus, nothing can match a soothing Chinese Massage.

Location of Sanya

Sanya, is located on the South China Sea, depending on the Country of your Origin, you will have to check for the Chinese Visa requirements.

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